Safety Resources


Training Videos — Our YouTube channel offers several videos, from short & funny youth videos to longer-form trainings.

STARS — This library is a collection of tip sheets, OSHA tutorials, regulations and more, all searchable by keyword and industry.

Wallet Card — Remind young workers to report injuries with this printable wallet card.

New Employee Orientation — Check out this checklist to make sure you’re orienting your young workers on policies, safety, even your brand!

First Report of Injury (FROI) Online — Montana State Fund encourages employers to complete an FROI within 24 hours of notice of an on-the-job injury, accident or occupational disease by a worker. To make this process more convenient, employers can now submit this form online and generate a claim number so your employee can get medically treated right away.

More Safety Tools — These tools will help you create an effective safety program and track progress against it.

Safety Planning
Summer Safety