Young workers are inexperienced workers. That presents a unique opportunity for employers. When you embrace a culture of safety – proper job orientation, encouraging questions and providing safety gear – you create habits that may well keep a worker safe throughout his or her entire career.

Please review the resources below and encourage your employees to visit both this site and our YouTube page for tips on workplace safety.

Safety Tips for Young Workers

Whether they’re driving tractors, running a cash register or working in any other capacity, your young employees risk injury. While not a complete safety rule book, these common-sense tips form a basic overview of safety on the job, and can prevent injuries from happening. Be aware of these tips yourself. Then share them with your young workers.

General safety tips for young workers. When in doubt, ASK. This is step one. Before you start any task you’re unsure about, remember that it never hurts to ask your supervisor for clarification, guidance or more instructions. If you’re still unclear, say so. Remember, this is the one part of the process that can go a long way toward ensuring safety.

Avoiding slips and falls:

  • Use proper footwear.
  • Take smaller steps.
  • Keep walking surfaces clean and clear.
  • Slow down.
  • Use the right equipment.
  • Wear safety equipment.

Avoiding strains from lifting:

  • Size up the load.
  • Get help when needed.
  • Use available mechanical lifting devices.
  • Break down the load into smaller parts if possible.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Always bend at the knees.

Avoiding cuts:

  • Use the right tool for the job.
  • Wear assigned personal protective equipment.
  • Keep knives and blades sharp.
  • Store sharp objects safely.
  • Never cut toward a body part.

Avoiding injury from vehicle accidents:

  • Never drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Wear your seat belt.
  • Avoid talking on your cellphone while driving.
  • Slow down, never speed.

Safety for agricultural work. In addition to the usual slips, falls, strains and cuts that can occur on any job, young workers on a ranch or farm face a variety of unique hazards. Handling agrichemicals, operating heavy machinery, working with animals, riding ATVs and using shop tools all require careful attention to safety and recommended operating procedures. Here are just a few tips to remember:

  • Read and follow all directions when working with agrichemicals. Request specific training on handling and applying anhydrous ammonia.
  • Inspect brakes, steering, tires and lights before operating heavy equipment.
  • Never jump off equipment or hay lofts – climb down instead.
  • Wear hearing protection around noisy machinery.
  • Always wear a helmet when riding an ATV.
  • Never carry a passenger on an ATV.
  • Never raise irrigation pipes or metal objects higher than your height (or over your head).