Safety Resources



Training Videos — Our YouTube channel offers several videos, from short & funny youth videos to longer-form trainings.

Wallet Card — Remind young workers to report injuries with this printable wallet card.

New Employee Orientation — Check out this checklist to make sure you’re getting properly oriented on policies, safety, even the company brand!

First Report of Injury (FROI) Online — Have you been hurt on the job or concerned you may be injured from a workplace event? You should report all injuries – even the minor ones – as soon as possible even minor injuries to your employer, whether or not medical treatment is sought. Injured employees must report the accident within 30 days of the date of injury. Your employer then has six days (MSF recommends 24 hours) to send in the FROI of an on-the-job injury, accident or occupational disease. To make this process more convenient, employees and employers can now fill out the form together online. This will generate a claim number so you can get medically treated right away.

More Safety Tools — These tools will help you participate in and/or help create an effective safety program and track progress against it.

Safety Planning
Safety Dashboard
Summer Safety