Video Education Series

Video Education Series

Workplace injury claims aren’t always in dangerous industries or associated with jobs we think of as perilous. They occur in ordinary offices, retail stores and manufacturing facilities. And the most common causes are routine — lifting, slipping, poor ergonomics, etc.

To help reduce the number, severity and impact of these injuries, Montana State Fund has created simple, at-work, online training tools.

Each lesson includes a short video, associated tips and an optional quiz. The videos are only a couple of minutes in length and are designed to be as fun to watch as they are informational. Each of the pages below has the materials you need, including the video, quiz and additional resources.


  • Use these materials for new-employee orientation or refreshers for existing employees.
  • Ask employees to print out the PDF quiz for each lesson, sign and return to you to help encourage discussion and retention of the information.
  • Once employees have viewed the video ask them if they have questions about how the information pertains to their specific jobs.
  • Consider using these materials for group training at the start of safety or team meetings.
  • Use the additional resources on each lesson page to provide deeper content and/or regulatory information.


Choose the safety videos that fit your workplace needs. Then, simply send the link(s) to the employee(s) who will be taking the lessons.

Fall Protection

Construction Fall Protection  – Don’t be the Fall Guy at your business – learn the proper and safe way to stay on two feet.

Call Us

Safety Is Our Business Find out how Montana State Fund’s Safety Professionals can help you create a culture of safety at your workplace.

Driving Polcies

Driving Policies  – Develop a company-wide driving policy that will keep all your employees safe on the road.

Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving  – Driving a vehicle can be stressful enough, why not take out unnecessary distractions.

Proper Lifting — The basics of preventing injuries by making smart decisions around lifting and moving objects.

Ergonomics — Lots of ergonomic principles apply regardless of workplace. This video covers those principles to help prevent injury.

Slips, Trips and Falls — Good decision-making can all but eliminate slips, trips and falls. The key is vigilance and a healthy dose of common sense.


Return to Work — An introduction to the components and benefits of Return to Work programs.


Help young workers understand their rights and responsibilities while they have a laugh, too.

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