The Customer Experience – Together We Complete the Puzzle

Customer Service has always been important at Montana State Fund. It’s one of our core competencies and has been part of our mission statement for years. Just as we’re refreshing our brand, we’re also refreshing our strategy on customer service.  Our focus now is the Customer Experience, or CX as it’s commonly known.

The distinction between Customer Service and CX lies in looking beyond individual transactions, and instead concentrate on the customer’s entire journey with us. Exceptional service means providing superior guidance and assistance each time we interact with the customer, whether verbally, in writing, though advertising, or on our website. An exceptional Customer Experience is all of those touchpoints put together from the customer’s very first encounter with us to their very last – their end to end journey.

Montana State Fund introduced the concept of CX last fall with a week-long celebration. The theme of our celebration was The Customer Experience – Together We Complete the Puzzle. The goal of the week was to help MSF staff recognize the role we all have in the CX puzzle.  The celebration focused on education of the foundations of service, with a different theme each day, including quizzes and prizes.  We also had interesting and motivational signage throughout the building, as well as fun games and rewards, all in keeping with the theme.  It was a great week with long lasting take away moments.  However, our focus on CX didn’t end there.

Current efforts to increase CX include:

  • Focus on ease of doing business
  • Emphasize our competitive place in the market
  • The Policy Billing and Replacement Initiative (PBRI)
  • MSF brand refresh
  • Changing the vernacular during every day interactions with staff and strategic partners to highlight and embrace the term Customer Experience and what it means

Additional ideas MSF is researching include:

  • CX onboarding for new employees
  • Classroom and online CX training
  • Leadership CX training
  • Making the week-long celebration an annual event

At Montana State Fund we understand all of us impact our customers’ experience. We also understand our customers are all around us: from our co-workers, to our policyholders and injured employees, to our strategic partners in agency offices all over the state. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to strengthen your, and your client’s, Customer Experience!

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