Statewide Standardizing Housing Values One Year Anniversary

In 2017, the Montana Legislature revised the definition of wages specific to the value of Workers’ Compensation lodging, rent, and/or housing (see MCA 39-71-123).  The intent was to provide certainty for employees, employers, and insurers through application of a valuation methodology set by MT Administrative Rule (see ARM 24.29.721).

Effective April 1, 2018, the reportable value of housing was established for each county in Montana and published on the Department of Labor & Industry  (DLI) website.

As of this date, all Workers’ Compensation Carriers in MT, including Montana State Fund, are required to apply the DLI employer provided housing values when calculating claim benefits and assessing policy premium.

For more information regarding these changes, please visit the Department of Labor & Industry website.  The website has valuable information on the changes and the current publication of the “Montana Workers’ Compensation Housing, Rent or Lodging Monthly Rates”.

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