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Whole-Body Vibration

Linked to lower back pain, musculoskeletal and digestive problems.

  • Whole-body vibration occurs when the entire body is supported on something that shakes; typically sitting on a machine or vehicle.
  • The mechanical vibrations from the machine are then transmitted into the entire body at various frequencies.
  • People at risk are those in occupations such as agriculture, construction, mining, and truck driving.

Vibration types:

  • Hand-arm: When equipment such as a chain saw or drill transmits vibrations to the limb holding the equipment.
  • Whole-Body: When the entire body is support, by standing, sitting or reclining on a piece of equipment and absorbs the mechanical vibration.
  • Low frequency: Vibrations that occur at a low level can cause motion sickness or postural instability.
  • Noise: Noise travels through the air via vibrations and can lead to hearing loss.

Preventing Injury

  • There is no one solution to solving or mitigating the vibration issue. Ensuring equipment is running well and shift rotation to limit exposure can aid in the reduction of vibration health and injury to workers.

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