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Tractors: Tips for safety while operating a tractor

In agriculture, tractors are the leading cause of injury.

While Operating Tractor

  • Only operate the tractor and its hydraulic system from the seat and cab area
  • Wear seat belt with ROPS equipped tractors
  • Steer clear of rollover hazards
  • Never allow passengers on tractor
  • Make sure a clean and reflective slow-moving vehicle sign is installed on the rear of tractor and towed equipment
  • Flashing hazard lights and reflectors are recommended
  • Pull off road onto wide, flat shoulder to let cars pass
  • Tractor should be equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguisher (minimum 5 lb. ABC rated)
  • Do not wear loose clothing while operating tractor
  • Wear hearing protection if tractor does not have a sound-proof cab
  • Disengage power-take-off (PTO) before getting off tractor
  • Always remove keys from tractor when not in use

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