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Neutral Posture – Grocery Checkstand Workstation

Recommended working postures are body positions that are neutral and comfortable to use.

  • Using postures other than those recommended will generally waste energy and motion as well as potentially raise the risk of injury.
  • It’s also important to change position frequently and stretch between tasks. This improves circulation and lessens fatigue.


Evaluate Progress

OSHA recommends that grocery stores evaluate the effectiveness of their ergonomic efforts and follow-up on unresolved problems. Evaluation and follow-up help sustain continuous improvement in reducing injuries and illnesses, track the effectiveness of specific ergonomic solutions, identify new problems, and show areas where further attention is needed. Grocery managers can use the same methods they use to identify ergonomic concerns (such as OSHA 300 and 301 injury and illness information, workers’ compensation records, employee interviews, and observation of workplace conditions) to evaluate progress (10, 11). Employers can also keep a list of activities and improvements to track what has been accomplished and provide data on the effectiveness of the initiatives… (more)

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