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Motor Vehicles: MVR Checks

MVR checks should be run before you give the keys to new employees, and annually for all employees.

  • Companies should have employees or prospective employees sign releases allowing the organization to run the MVR checks. These releases should be reviewed by legal counsel.
  • Many firms are available to accomplish these checks including insurance agencies.
  • The Montana Motor Vehicle Division can help you, including an online service you may use.
  • When running MVR checks, consider a national search rather than one limited to the county or state in which the employee resides or the company is domiciled.
  • Once you have all of the MVRs you need to deal with the problem driver(s), you will need a scoring system in place. Score the number and type of vehicular accidents or traffic law violations. Convictions for driving while intoxicated or impaired should cause a suspension of driving privileges.

For more complete information: Driving Records

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