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Lifting Safety

Better Wheels than Heels

When you have something to move do not carry it; move it with a wheeled device. Keep the weight on the wheels not your heels. It will be safer and faster to:

  • Provide hand trucks and carts.
  • Keep them readily accessible.
  • Consider adjustable height carts.
  • Conduct observations to follow the movement of heavy items.


  • Avoid lifting from the floor whenever possible.
  • If you must lift from the floor, do not bend at the waist.
  • Keep the load close to your body and lift by pushing up with your legs.
  • The techniques shown below help the worker to keep the spine in a safer position while lifting from the floor

Caution: This technique may be effective only if loads are small, light weight, and can easily fit between the knees. For more complete information: CDC NIOSH Publications webpage.

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