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Hazard Communication: MSDS Content and Format ANSI

Most Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) use the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) format. It is a voluntary standard. OSHA allows any format for MSDS as long as the required information is provided. Employees must have an understanding of how to utilize MSDS. ANSI uses the following content and format.
MSDS sections ANSI format:

1. Substance identity and company contact information
2. Chemical composition and data on components
3. Hazards identification
4. First aid measures
5. Fire-fighting measures
6. Accidental release measures
7. Handling and storage
8. Exposure controls and personal protection
9. Physical and chemical properties
10. Stability and reactivity
11. Toxicological information
12. Ecological information
13. Disposal considerations
14. Transport information
15. Regulations
16. Other information

This information could be useful to keep in your MSDS binder as a reference. For comprehensive information visit the OSHA Hazard Communication webpage.

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