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Aerial Lifts: Operations

Aeria lift
Aeria lift
  • Operator Training
  • Training must be done by a qualified person
  • experienced with the particular lift model
  • Training must include:
  • Nature of electrical, fall, and other hazards
  • involved in operating lift
  • Precautions for dealing with hazards
  • Rated load capacity for the lift (including
  • workers, tools, materials, bucket liner, etc.)
  • Manufacturer requirements, as outlined in
  • operator manual
  • Demonstration of skill and knowledge in actual operation of the aerial lift

Qualified Person Definition

  • OSHA 1926.450(b)
  • A qualified person: by extensive knowledge, training, and experience can solve problems related to the subject matter.

Before Operating Aerial Lifts

  • Do not modify aerial lift without written permission
  • Check safety devices, operating controls before each use
  • Check area in which aerial lift will be used for:
  • Level surface (Do not exceed manufacturer slope recommendations)

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