It turns out you don’t actually have to walk under a ladder for it to be bad luck. Using ladders improperly can be dangerous, even deadly. In fact, 6,000 people die each year in this country from accidents involving ladders.

There are five steps that you should take before stepping on a ladder – starting with picking the right ladder, with the right rating and the right height. How you set it up and how you use it are also critical to your safety.

A ladder is a valuable tool for getting the job done. Get it done. Use the right ladder. Safely.

Get a leg up on ladder safety by watching the following video.

Safety Video

Some ladder basics: Ladders are useful tools for getting the job done. Follow the steps shown in this video to use them safely.

Safety Training

Thank you for your interest in workplace safety. Completing this introductory training is easy and will take you less than 10 minutes.

Step One: Watch the video above.

Step Two: Discuss any questions you have about the video and/or your specific job with your supervisor.

Step Three: Print these safety posters and post in your break room or common areas.
11×17 Poster
17.5×23.5 Poster

Step Four: Be safe!