Ergonomics are one of the most overlooked issues in workplace safety, yet they affect everyone from the receptionist to the traveling salesman to the line worker at a manufacturing facility. Simply put, the correctly designed workstation can ensure back, neck, wrist, shoulder, eye and elbow health. It can reduce the potential for everything from stress headaches to shoulder strain, carpal tunnel and lower back surgeries.

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Safety Video

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics — Lots of ergonomic principles apply regardless of workplace. This video covers those principles to help prevent injury.


Thank you for your interest in workplace safety. Completing this introductory training is easy and will take you less than 10 minutes.

Step One: Watch the video above.

Step Two: Print and complete the quiz.

Step Three: Discuss any questions about the quiz or your specific job with your supervisor.

Step Four: Check out these additional resources and bookmark for future reference.

Step Five: Print these Safety Posters and post in your break room or common areas.

Step Six: Be safe!