Whether you drive a big rig, drive nails, sit in front of a computer screen or carry trays of food, your back is crucial to your day. And it’s oh so easy to injure it — and cause short-term pain or long-term disability. Good news is it’s also easy to use the good habits and techniques that keep your back healthy and strong, and help your back get you where you want to go.

Proper posture and safe lifting techniques are good places to start. No matter what you do for work — or play.

Please check out our video, safe lifting tips and resources or contact our safety service professionals for more information.

And show your body that you’ve got its back.

Safety Video

  • Back Safety

Back Safety: Important, easy-to-learn tips and techniques for preventing on-the-job back injuries.

Safety Training

Thank you for your interest in workplace safety. Completing this introductory training is easy and will take you less than 10 minutes.

Step One: Watch the video above.

Step Two: Print and complete the quiz.

Step Three: Discuss any questions about the quiz or your specific job with your supervisor.

Step Four: Check out these additional resources and bookmark for future reference.

Step Five: Print these Safety Posters and post in your break room or common areas.

Step Six: Be safe!