A comprehensive safety plan is the cornerstone of any successful safety program. Plans begin by forming a safety committee with employee and management representation and charging it with creating a plan that specifically addresses the hazards and issues your employees face.

Most plans cover a wide variety of topics — policies such as no cell phone use when driving for the company, procedures for issues such as reporting injuries and steps in case of emergencies such as a building fire.

The power of the plan lies in that it is employee generated, so it accounts for most of the situations workers face and employees buy into the plan. Even if you’ve never had a workplace injury, a comprehensive plan is useful for new employee orientation, insurance reviews and showing your employees you care about their safety.

Create a Workplace Safety Program

To make it easier for you to get started on your path to a safer workplace we created Safety Plan/Return to Work templates for your use. Simply click on the appropriate link below that applies to your business.

Safety Program / Return to Work six or more employees
Safety Program / Return to Work five or less employees

Forms You May Need

Employee Safety Orientation
Employee Training Record
Workplace Inspection Checklist
Safety Committee Meeting Minutes
Incident Investigation Report

Enhance Your Safety Program

You can request a safety consultation from Montana State Fund. Learn more about our safety services.

Click here to access additional help. The link takes you to a safety writer program where you will be asked to register and log into the system in order to begin.