Like any training, safety education is part of being a true professional — whether you’re operating a feller-buncher or a computer mouse. At Montana State Fund, our safety teams want to make safety education as easy, as accessible, as “DIY” as possible. That starts by offering resources you can use day-to-day in your workplace.

In this area of our website you’ll find outlines for safety programs, fun safety games, short educational videos, posters to hang up around your workplace, even a safety assessment dashboard. And as always, if you have questions or need some help, just contact us. Helping make Montana workplaces safer is what we’re here to do.

Safety Education Tips

Be Consistent: On our site you’ll find lots of videos, games and other resources. These are perfect ways to open your monthly safety or team meetings. They help set the tone, spread the word and create a culture of safety.

Have Fun: One of our customers invited the local fire department to light a fire behind its building as a way to teach fire extinguisher safety. Another had a yoga expert come in to teach simple stretches and core exercises for call center employees. Use your imagination and make your education opportunities memorable. It’ll pay off.

Raise General Awareness: If you’re a safety leader in your company, you can make a big difference by simply sharing what you find informally with your co-workers — a safety tip or fact from this site, a manual posted by OSHA, an example of a fun training exercise, a funny commercial, posters on safe lifting — small reminders raise overall safety awareness and make a big difference.

Safety Posters