The Employee’s Return

When Your Injured Employee Returns

Facilitate a smooth return to work for the employee. Welcome the employee back and make the employee’s return positive.

Allow the employee to perform only the job tasks approved by the medical provider. Instruct supervisors to respect and enforce the restrictions. Highlight the importance of this fact by outlining it in the Return-to-Work-Job-Offer-Letter.doc and Transitional Work Assignment Letter.

Continue to contact the employee and supervisor weekly. Check to make sure everything is going as planned.

Re-evaluate the appropriateness of the modified/transitional duties. The employee’s condition will change over time. As the employee heals the medical provider may reduce or remove the employee’s work restrictions. In such cases, you may assign the injured employee additional duties accordingly.

Communicate with your MSF claims examiner. Provide copies of the Medical Status Form, return to work job offer and the date the employee will be returning to work to the claims examiner. Establish appropriate time frames to discuss the injured employee’s progress and return to work status.