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A complete source for updated workers’ comp issues. Perspectives is an informative, easy-to-read newsletter geared for policyholders, insurance agents and other interested parties. It’s full of timely MSF updates, useful tips and information on how to control workers’ compensation costs.

Safety Works Wherever You Do

Many of our customers are working from home. That means computer screens perched on cardboard boxes, kitchen tables as office desks and some coworkers who require help with their homework. This new way of working can add extra stress and ...


Dividend Declared For 22nd Consecutive Year

Montana State Fund’s (MSF) Board of Directors declared a $20 million dividend to be paid to policyholders in mid-November. This marks the 22nd consecutive year MSF has declared a dividend bringing the total returned to policyholders to $306 million since ...


December Safety Workshops: Make Some Noise for Safety Training

Sit comfortably at your desk as Montana State Fund safety services specialist Kirk Smith presents his virtual December safety workshop, “Make Some Noise for Safety Training” via Zoom. REGISTER NOW How will the workshops be run? The virtual workshops will ...


Growing the Next Safety Generation

Montana State Fund’s (MSF) safety team busily mailed personal protective equipment to 37 construction trades and industry high school classroom across the state. This was made possible through MSF’s high school personal protective equipment (PPE) grant program. Traditionally, the MSF ...


Legislative Outlook 2021

We have learned a lot over the last ten months. Our environments have changed, and we have had to adapt. Montana State Fund (MSF) is adapting, too. In the coming weeks and months, we will be rolling out new tools, ...


2019 Annual Report

Our 2019 annual report is now live. Please take a few moments to review the work and accomplishments of the Montana State Fund staff.


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Providing quality customer service is our number one priority at Montana State Fund. If you ever have a question or need assistance please feel free to call a customer service specialist who will be happy to assist you.

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