Policy Changes

Changes in Payroll Reporting

EMPLOYEE HOUSING – As part of the items that constitute earnings, there has been a slight modification effective 4/1/18.  Included in earnings is the actual value of any substitutes for monetary payments, including but not limited to, meals and lodging, value of rent or housing, store certificates, merchandise and credits.  Effective 4/1/2018 the reportable value for housing is established for each county in “Montana in the publication entitled Montana Workers Compensation Housing, Rent or Lodging Monthly Rates” available at the Department of Labor’s website at   Agricultural employers may discount the published housing by 50% for the county in which the dwelling is located.

For further information contact the Montana Department of Labor.



On November 9, 2018, NCCI issued an endorsement requiring employers to report changes in ownership to their insurer in writing within 90 days of the date of the change. The endorsement states in pertinent part:

You must report any change in ownership to us in writing within 90 days of the date of the change.  Change in ownership includes sales, purchases, other transfers, mergers, consolidations, dissolutions, formations of a new entity, and other changes provided for in the applicable experience rating plan. Experience rating is mandatory for all eligible insureds. The experience rating modification factor, if any, applicable to this policy, may change if there is a change in your ownership or in that of one or more of the entities eligible to be combined with you for experience rating purposes. 

Failure to report any change in ownership, regardless of whether the change is reported within 90 days of such change, may result in revision of the experience rating modification factor used to determine your premium. 

This reporting requirement applies regardless of whether an experience rating modification is currently applicable to this policy.

The endorsement has been approved by Montana State Auditor’s Office and will be included in the January Renewal Packets generating this week for Select Policies.

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