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Physical Therapy Changes Effective 7/1/13

PTDOLI updated the physical therapy rules effective 7/1/13 with a few significant modifications. 

  • Rule of Eight:  When a service of less than 8 minutes is provided on a given day it is not billable.  CPT assigns codes per 15-minute increments but for purposes of “Rule of Eights” the following must be used:
    • 1 unit = 8-22 minutes
    • 2 units = 23-37 minutes
    • 3 units = 38-52 minutes, etc.

The actual therapy time spent must be documented by code within the note to support the modalities billed.

  • Passive/Active Therapy

Physical Rehabilitation Therapy is classified as passive and active therapies.  No more than 8 units of active and passive therapy may be billed per visit.  If any active therapy is used in a visit, only 1 unit of therapy may be a passive modality.  If more than one passive therapy is billed with an active modality the code with the lesser value will be denied.  If only passive therapy is used, then a total of 4 units of passive therapy may be billed. 


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