MSF’s “Customer First” Values Drive New System Design

Montana State Fund recently hosted the 12th Annual CSR / CSS Conference at the Great Northern Hotel and Conference Center in Helena.

This event offered the Policy and Billing Replacement Initiative (PBRI) Team an excellent opportunity to introduce the development effort of the new system to customer service representatives (CSR’s) from MSF’s partner agencies across the state. This was their first exposure to an early look and feel of MSF’s state-of-the-art policy management system which is due to “go-live” in the last quarter of 2019.

MSF’s customers have been, and continue to be, consulted on their needs for what the new system should do and how it should perform. At this event, CSR’s were invited to share their views on MSF’s service delivery, using the current system.

CSR’s responded with their highest level of dissatisfaction being the responsiveness and cost effectiveness of the current system. Both of these criteria hinder their ability to be “brilliant in the moment” with their own customers.

CSR’s expressed their highest level of satisfaction as being their relationship with MSF staff. The way MSF staff provides support, is courteous, communicates in a caring manner, and their competence were all areas that received high ratings.

The PBRI Team demonstrated some of the most recently developed functionality and features of the new system. Improved efficiencies, convenient and quick access to information, and making work easier for MSF’s customers are some of the key requirements driving the system’s design.

A short video provided a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into how the project is working. MSF’s CEO and President, Lanny Hubbard delivered an important message (view the video)

Lynn Mogstad, Business Unit Director and conference organizer, said: “Appointed agencies from across the State send their CSR’s to attend this event. CSR’s are the face and voice of their agencies.  This is the one time of the year where our external CSR’s and internal customer service specialists (CSS’s), who are the face and voice of MSF, have an opportunity to network, learn, and discuss matters of mutual importance.”

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