MSF Dividend Program

In September, the Montana State Fund (MSF) Board of Directors declared a $40M dividend to be paid to qualifying policyholders. Payment of the dividend is now complete.

A dividend is never guaranteed from year to year.  If circumstances warrant, the board can choose to not declare a dividend or declare a smaller dividend. However, this marks the second consecutive year the Board has declared a $40M dividend and brings the total amount returned to policyholders since 1999 to $256M. This year’s dividend is equivalent to an average return of 28.4% of premium for those receiving a dividend. The average payment is $1,728.

In addition to providing dividends as a return of premium to our customers, MSF has reduced premium rates or held the rates steady every year since 2007.  Since July of 2007, premium rates have been reduced 42% and are currently at the lowest level since the creation of the Montana State Fund in 1991.

Our agent partners are certainly a major component in the recent successes of MSF. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments on our dividend program.

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