Keeping Safe in Parking Lots


Parking Lot

    • Always be alert and aware of everybody and everything around you. Adopt the principal that someone is always watching you. You don’t have to be paranoid, just be smart, observant, and a little careful.


    • When you drive into an unfamiliar parking lot, drive around to make yourself aware of possible hazards and safety issues. If you can park near a light, security camera, well traveled areas.


    • Always place anything of value in your trunk before you arrive at your destination. Never leave anything of value in plain sight while you are not in your vehicle. No one breaks into a vehicle for the hell of it. They only break in to get something of value. Don’t invite trouble by making your vehicle a target for a theft.


    • Always lock your vehicle and set the alarm if you have one.


    • Put your game face on. Project confidence as you are walking. Walk with someone if possible. Don’t talk on your cell phone or wear headphones as you are walking. Predators are specifically looking for someone who is preoccupied. Always walk down the center of the aisle, giving you more reaction time if someone is hiding in between vehicles or behind shrubs or other obstructions. Remember to keep scanning all sides as you walk. If someone trys to stop you to ask a question or directions, don’t stop. Say “I don’t know” and keep moving. Do not worry about being polite in these situations. Bad guys sometimes work in pairs. While one distracts you the other will attack you!


    • Trust your instincts! If it doesn’t feel right “get out of there”.


    • Be prepared as you leave your vehicle or are approaching your vehicle. If you have pepper spray, have it in your hand with your finger ready to press the trigger. If your vehicle remote has a panic button, have your finger on the button, just in case.


    • Downsize your bag or purse. Big bags and purses are attractive to bad guys because they think you are carrying more stuff in there. When carrying your purse, hold it in tight to your torso, don’t carry it in your hand or just sling it over your shoulder. Make it more difficult for anyone to grab it.


    • When you are approaching your vehicle only unlock the driver’s side door. Don’t give a bad guy the opportunity to get into your vehicle from the passenger side. If you don’t have a remote, then have your keys ready as you leave the store or work. Always look inside of your vehicle before you get in. Carry a small flashlight to use when it is dark. As you approach your vehicle be aware if someone is lying underneath it. Once you are inside of your vehicle, lock the doors and leave the lot immediately. Do not sit in your car going through packages or looking at receipts. If you are approached by a suspicious person, honk your horn and flash your lights to draw attention.


    • If someone should drive into your vehicle while you are alone, stay in your vehicle with the windows up and the doors locked and call the police if you have a cell phone. If you do not have a cell phone tell the other driver to follow you to a more public place.



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