ACE Grants: Twenty Years of Giving Back and Looking Forward

The Myrna Loy Center in Helena bought a mobile step ladder and upgraded the backstage electrical system with their ACE grant.

Montana State Fund’s vision is to be an indispensable partner in achieving a safer, healthier, and more prosperous Montana. One of our programs that reflects this vision is our Assisting Charitable Endeavors (ACE) program. In 2021, we expanded the program to offer the Montana non-profit community more financial support.

What is ACE?
ACE is MSF’s charitable giving program that provides matching funds to Montana based non-profit organizations for projects that promote safety implementation and improvements.  The program began in 2001. Since its foundation, 280 organizations have received a total of $488,000 in grant monies.

Grants range from $250 – $10,000.  In the past, our maximum grant amount was $2,000.  All ACE applications require a dollar-for-dollar match.

ACE Criteria
An ACE Grant proposal must fit within the scope of Montana State Fund’s normal business and operations:

  • The project will be used to promote workplace safety, host safety trainings, or assist with the purchase of equipment that enhances safety and community well-being.
  • The project will result in a widespread benefit for a Montana community or the state as a whole.
  • The project benefits a representative cross section of small and large communities across Montana.
  • The project will have the potential to result in positive public communication
The MonDak Boys and Girls Club in Sidney received a grant for the purchase of new window coverings for the security of their clubhouse areas.

Click here to review the 2020 successful grant recipients.

To learn more about the program, review past grantees,  or to apply,  go to our website and click on the Scholarships and Grants tab. If you have questions about the program contact Ethan Heverly or call 495-5426.


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