Ease of Doing Business (EODB)

For the last eighteen months, we have been collecting your ideas on how to find a better way to work together. We have used those suggestions to guide our efforts to improve the ease of doing business with Montana State Fund. This is a summary of MSF’s newest procedures resulting from that work.

Secretary of State Registration

  • Quotes can now be created without verification of registration with Secretary of State.
  • Policies without registration can be bound as either a sole proprietorship or partnership.
  • Unfortunately, all other policies must be registered for enrollment. If the policyholder is not a viable approved business, it is difficult to collect unpaid premium after default.

WOS – Waiver of Subrogation

  • Our questionnaire is no longer required nor are there additional questions.  We have simplified the process to require only minimal information.  The only information required is entity name, mailing address and the effective date of the waiver.

CCA – Construction Credit Application

  • We no longer require an owner’s signature. Any authorized signature will now be accepted.
  • Our CSSs will now call for clarification on applications where information is needed.
  • We have created a dispute resolution process if the dispute is received within 60 days of determination.

Prior Policy

  • Quotes can now be issued with prior unreconciled policies; enrollment will still require reconciliation.


  • We now allow 2 reinstatements (versus one) within policy year.
  • We will automatically reinstate a policy if overdue premium or payroll reports are received within 5 days of cancellation. Under these circumstances, we will reinstate an unlimited number of times (and they don’t count towards your 2 reinstatement limit above.)

Rate Tier Exception (effective 7/1/18)

  • Rate Tier Exceptions are now possible for policies as low as $5,000.
  • In order to qualify for this consideration, the account must have 3 years of continuous overage.
  • It must be experience rated.
  • The account premium must be at least $5,000 as calculated by MSF3 rate tier.
  • If the account qualifies, MSF will manually calculate the rate tier. The exception can only lower the rate tier. Information submitted for consideration that increases the rate tier will be ignored.
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