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WorkSafe Champions Class 5: Training Session Dates

ImportantDateWe are nearing the end of our Class 5 WorkSafe Champions training sessions. With that in mind we want to ensure you have the correct training dates and class work assignment due dates on your calendar.

Trainings already completed:
Bozeman – May 28, 2013
Helena – May 30, 2013
Kalispell – June 4, 2013

Upcoming Trainings
Missoula – June 6, 2013
Billings – June 12, 2013
Great Falls – June 18, 2013

Graduation Certification:
As a reminder – In order to graduate and receive the 5% premium discount, you are required to attend the last scheduled class and turn in all quizzes and homework from modules 1-9 for scoring. We are asking that quizzes and homework be turned in no later than Friday, July 12, 2013 so we have time to assess and record the scores. The quizzes and homework can be forwarded to Sonja Ring at PO Box 4759 Helena MT 59604-475, emailed to for FAXED to 495-5021, Attn: Sonja.

As part of our last scheduled class, each participant will have an opportunity to exhibit just how much they have learned during the class. Please choose a module you liked best and prepare a presentation (5-10 minutes) for delivery during our last class. Any questions, please contact Wayne Dillavou at 406-495-5162.

Last Class and Graduation Dates and Locations:
Time – 12:00 (noon) to 5:00 PM
Lunch will be provided

Billings Billings Hotel & Convention Center Sept 19, 2013
Bozeman Holiday Inn Sept 12, 2013
Great Falls Holiday Inn Sept 3, 2013
Helena Montana State Fund Sept 9, 2013
Kalispell Hampton Inn Sept 24, 2013
Missoula Grant Creek Inn Sept 26, 2013

We look forward to your graduation from WorkSafe Champions and your continued participation as a WorkSafe Champion Alumni.

Upcoming MSF Safety Workshops

June 3 –   Bozeman
June 4 –   Butte
June 5 –   Great Falls
June 9 –   Helena
June 11 – Miles City
June 12 – Billings
June 18 – Kalispell
June 19-  Missoula

Upcoming SafetyFestMT 
Butte: June 2-4, 2015
Billings: November 16-20, 2015