The Gift Of Safety: ACE Grants

With the assistance of an ACE grant, Missoula’s Mountain Home Montana now has a new FOB key locking security system for the safety of their residents and staff.

At Montana State Fund we believe it’s our duty to fund deserving projects that promote workplace safety and enhance the quality of life in our local communities. Through our ACE (Assisting Charitable Endeavors) program we graciously provide this support to Montana’s non-profit organizations.

Since the program’s inception in 2001, MSF has awarded grants for an array of projects across the state. This includes the purchase of  industrial saws, ergonomic office chairs, safety googles, scaffolding, playground equipment, video security systems, dishwashers and safe walkways to name a few.

Criteria to Apply for Grant

  • Grantee promotes workplace safety or safety trainings
  • Assistance with the purchase of equipment that enhances safety and community well-being
  • The program will result in a widespread benefit for a Montana community or the state as a whole
  • The program benefits a representative cross section of small and large communities across Montana
  • The program will have the potential to result in positive public communication about MSF and the ACE program
  • The minimum grant is $250. The maximum grant is $2,000.

Successful applicants must be a qualifying non-profit, tax-exempt organization based in Montana. Grants will not be given to individuals, political, labor, religious or fraternal organizations, sports activities or for courtesy advertising purposes. All contributions are a dollar-for-dollar match.

Interested? To learn more about the program, review past grantees, or to apply, go to our website, click on the About MSF tab then click on ACE Grants.

If you have questions about the program contact Carol Athearn at or call (406) 495-5105.


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