Easy, Accessible and Possible: Safety Video Library

Collage of devices - YouTube CampaignIt’s easy to imagine that the majority of injuries in Montana are caused by heavy machinery or participation in “dangerous” jobs. Actually, the opposite is true. Slips, trips and falls; improper lifting; and poor ergonomics are by far the biggest culprits when it comes to work-loss injuries, regardless of industry.

The good news? Common safety issues tend to be preventable by using common sense. At Montana State Fund, our employees want to help you make sense of your safety program with training that is easy, accessible, and possible.

One solution is the creation of our simple, at-work, online video education safety series. The videos are only a couple of minutes in length and are designed to be as fun to watch as they are informational.

Our Online Video Library Includes:

  • Develop Company-Wide Driving Policies
  • Prevent Distracted Driving
  • Safety is Our Business: Montana State Fund Safety Services
  • Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Proper Lifting
  • Smart Ergonomics
  • The Benefits of Return to Work Program
  • Young Worker Safety – Montana
  • WorkSafe Champion Profiles

How Can I View The Videos?
We have posted all of them on our YouTube Safety Channel and our safety focused website By subscribing to our YouTube Safety Channel you will be notified when we post new videos. We are currently in the process of producing videos for back safety, personal protection equipment and patient handling.

As always, if you have questions or need some help, just contact one of our safety management consultants at 800-332-6102. Helping make Montana workplaces safer is what we’re here to do.


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