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Watch. Share. And Be Safe: New Safety Education Videos

MSF-1451-3_PerspectivesImage_v1Workplace injury claims aren’t always in dangerous industries or associated with jobs we think of as perilous. They occur in ordinary offices, retails stores and manufacturing facilities. And the most common causes are routine – lifting, slipping, poor ergonomics, etc.

To help reduce the number, severity and impact of these injuries, Montana State has created simple safety educational tools that focus on proper lifting, ergonomics, slips, trips and falls and return to work.

Each area of focus contains a short video, an optional quiz and associate tips and resources. The videos are only a couple of minutes in length and designed to be as fun to watch as they are informational.

Tips for using the safety tools

  • Use these materials for new employees or a refresher for existing employees.
  • Ask employees to print off the PDF quiz for each lesson, sign and return it to their supervisor to encourage discussion and retention of the information.
  • Once employees have viewed the video, ask them if they have questions about how the information pertains to their specific job.
  • Consider using these materials for group training at the start of safety or team meetings.
  • Use the additional resources on each lesson page to provide deeper content or regulatory information.

To access these new tools you can go directly to our new YouTube channel or our safety focused website

Upcoming MSF Safety Workshops

June 3 –   Bozeman
June 4 –   Butte
June 5 –   Great Falls
June 9 –   Helena
June 11 – Miles City
June 12 – Billings
June 18 – Kalispell
June 19-  Missoula

Upcoming SafetyFestMT 
Butte: June 2-4, 2015
Billings: November 16-20, 2015