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Learn About Return to Work at Your Desk: Free Webinar

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Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014
Time: 10:30 am – 11:45 am (MST)
Place: Your desk
Cost: Free

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It’s proven that providing injured employees meaningful modified or transitional work improves morale, speeds recovery, and improves outcomes. In turn it helps employers control claim costs, and ultimately impacts their insurance premiums. Lower premiums allow employers to utilize those funds elsewhere, such as growing their business, offering other benefits to their employees.

Webinar Content
Join Robert Wilson, President & CEO of, for an informative and at times humorous look at returning employees back to work as he presents “Return to Function on the Path to Workers’ Recovery”.

Wilson will explain different ways to view and approach traditional roles in both Workers’ Compensation and Return to Work, with the goal of improving process and outcome for all.  He will help participants look at the system from “the outside”, and review the perceptions of workers’ compensation, and how they can negatively affect the outcomes of injury claims. He will also discuss how understanding those perceptions can help us change the focus and language surrounding the process, which can significantly improve results for all involved.

For more information about the webinar email MSF Safety Management Consultant Britani Laughery or call 406-495-5256.

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