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Be Prepared – June Safety Workshops

When was the last time you asked yourself if an emergency happened right now what would I do? Surprising enough, not many people concern themselves with those thoughts. They put it off by simply thinking I will deal with the situation when it arises. Unfortunately by then it is too late. In this workshop, we will address those elements needed to set your business up for success when or if that emergency situation arises.disaster-plan

Topics Include:

Fire Extinguishers: In this session we talk about training requirements for fire extinguishers and how to set up a successful training program. We will also look at the placement, use, and inspection criteria of extinguishers.

Emergency Action Plans: This is the real heart of the matter; identifying what situations your company could face, planning and practicing your responses, evaluating and improving upon dress rehearsals. We will discuss common emergency situations that arise and how to create an emergency action plan that works for your business.

Disaster Preparedness: So your company or community is struck by a disaster, are you and your employees prepared? Disaster preparedness is an extension of your emergency action plan, but expands the considerations to your community as well.

OSHA Inspection: Here’s an emergency situation, an OSHA Compliance Officer shows up on your company’s door step. How do you think your employees will respond? In this discussion we will talk about your options, rights and how best to address this type of scenario without creating more problems for your company.

Dates and Locations

June 1 Great Falls Holiday Inn
June 5 Bozeman Holiday Inn
June 8 Helena Red Lion Colonial
June 12 Billings Billings Hotel & Convention Center
June 14 Sidney Western Golden Prairie Inn and Suites
June 20 Kalispell Hampton Inn
June 22 Missoula Best Western Grant Creek

Interested? The free trainings take place from 8:30 a.m. – Noon. To register go to If you have questions, call 800-332-6102 extension 5361 (Kirk Smith).

Upcoming MSF Safety Workshops

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June 4 –   Butte
June 5 –   Great Falls
June 9 –   Helena
June 11 – Miles City
June 12 – Billings
June 18 – Kalispell
June 19-  Missoula

Upcoming SafetyFestMT 
Butte: June 2-4, 2015
Billings: November 16-20, 2015